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What not included in the warranty:
  1. A warranty period has expired;
  2. Absence of sales receipt or it correction;
  3. Damage, arising under force majeure circumstances;
  4. Completion of maintenance, fall, neglect, abuse, water impact, accident, damaged label and marking device;
  5. Device model, specified in the warranty card, does not match real goods;
  6. Performing maintenance device, that does not meet guidelines, specified in instructions;
  7. Emergence of unusual sound and vibration of pedals, rear bushings, steering systems, shock absorber, flywheel and other parts;
  8. Deformation of wheels as a result of a heavy blow; damage to parts, caused by external factors or drop the bike; lowering the wheel as a result of a sharp object punctured; damage to individual components due to delayed replacement parts; damage or scratches on a saddle; frame damage as a result of installing a saddle above the specified limit height;
  9. An emergence of flaking varnish, appearance of corrosion on a frame and other details of the bike due to moisture, shock, friction or other external factors; natural shedding varnish or fading of colors on metal, carbon and plastic parts after prolonged use of the bicycle;
  10. Damage to the bicycle and its functions, as a result of its use to perform tricks, lowering the stairs, jumps and other similar actions;
  11. Fracture or deformation of a frame as a result of excessive and improper use of a bicycle;
  12. Built-in sensors are not subject to multiple charging. A warranty terms not apply to a dry battery, push-button type battery. When battery is spent, its replacement is performed by user and one’s costs.